Partnership Support

We advise new or existing coalitions and partnerships on appropriate structures and help design effective ways of working collaboratively.

Examples of our work include:

  • Advising on the right partnership model.
  • Brokering relationships, finding common ground and increasing cross sector understanding.
  • Designing appropriate partnership management and governance structures.
  • Supporting partnerships to maximise resources and knowledge.
  • Scenario planning and evaluating the impact of partnerships.


What struck me most during my study tour was the strong and successful partnerships Aimhigher staff had built across the education sector. They had managed to bring together groups from local education authorities, schools and universities to work in collaboration in addressing the huge issues of disadvantage faced by many students. It was clear that building such strong partnerships was key to their undoubted success. We now look forward to working with ARC, and are eager to welcome Jo Wiggans to our university where she will be supporting us to further develop our ASPIRE programme.

Ann Jardine, Director, Student Equity and Disabilities Unit, University of New South Wales.

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