Project Planning

We work with strategic leads and project managers to take an idea from initial conception through to a project implementation plan. We have particular expertise in ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation strategies are in place to demonstrate the impact of a project. We can work on newly emerging project ideas or on enhancing existing projects.

For example we offer:

  • Support to write a high quality bid for funding.
  • Consultation with learners to ensure that their needs and views inform project planning.
  • Production of a detailed project plan with effective monitoring and evaluation at its core.
  • Review of existing projects, including feedback from participants, staff and stakeholders with recommendations for improvement.



The Associates project planning process and resulting plan was invaluable for the RNCM. The project was on a huge scale and yet because it had been so effectively planned the RNCM could clearly see how we could contribute and could get actively involved without allocating a huge staff resource. Whilst delivering the project communication between partners was really smooth and it was clear that this had been well thought through, and thanks to a sound monitoring strategy, there was plenty of evidence to show the impact on beneficiaries. A great plan and a great project”

Michelle Robinson, The Royal Northern College of Music, Community Outreach Manager

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