Research and Evaluation

We provide support to organisations to develop appropriate monitoring and evaluation strategies, including advice on the use of data analysis. We also deliver an independent research and evaluation service.

For example we offer:

  • Advice on appropriate monitoring and evaluation strategies at activity, project or strategy level.
  • Support for organisations to provide evidence of impact for funders and regulatory bodies.
  • Analysis of data sets and advice on presenting data to support the new post 16 progression measures.
  • Advice on better use of existing data sets to improve targeting, tracking and monitoring.
  • Commissioned research and evaluation projects.
  • Learner panels/consultation to ensure the learner voice supports planning and evaluation activities.



The statistical reports have been hugely important in providing the regional perspective for higher education data analysis and the opportunity for common understanding of the issues”

Dr Mandy Crow, University of Manchester, Undergraduate Recruitment and WP Officer (Research & Evaluation)

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